I.A., July 2007

I had mixed feelings about joining the NVC Facilitators Course. On one hand I was curious to know more about NVC. On the other hand, I have already gone through so many courses and trainings in my life, and was not sure whether starting a new training would not be too much for me.

It took me a while to engage myself in the process. First, I felt a strong connection to the group. We had a heterogeneous group, and I experienced harmony among the people. Right in the beginning I had a difficulty in my family, and I could share it with the members of our group. Throughout the course I learned to listen to my needs and to my family's needs. "We are dancing together and not stepping on each other's legs. Not stepping on the feelings and needs of the other, but considering them".

I am used to listen compassionately, from a deep place within my heart. I learned in the course to listen actively. I also had the opportunity to practice a way of apology without feeling guilty, and learned how to protect and balance myself by getting in touch with my feelings and needs. The course made clear to me how to phrase a request in a concrete and positive way.

I had the opportunity to practice all those subjects during the course, and slowly could see a change in the relationships between me and my family. A pleasant atmosphere has been created, and respect to each other's feelings and needs.

I learned not to be absorbed by the pain, but to remember the happiness and connect myself via the joy. I ask myself to pay attention to my needs, to direct myself towards the light without forgetting the pain. To keep on being awake, and to do things differently from how I used to do them.

Thank you for supporting me.
I.A., July 2007