Information about MIFGASH

MIFGASH (Encounter) is a non-for-profit organization, whose goal is to contribute to resolving conflicts and to building peace.

MIFGASH aims at leading to a more harmonious reality and resolving intra-group and inter-group conflicts, by looking at conflicts as OPPORTUNITY to enrich life.

MIFGASH operates with the aid of new creative and integrative approaches, creating tools, providing direct conflict resolution services and mediation, training the grass-roots and the professional levels, training mediators and facilitators and conducting encounters and dialogue groups between conflicting groups.

This group shares information about MIFGASH's activities, trainings and workshops, like mediation courses, Non Violent Communication workshops, seminars, encounters and dialogue groups.

About Hagit: Co-founder and director of Mifgash (Encounter) For Conflict Transformation in Israel. Hagit is an Israeli trained by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg in Nonviolent    Communication and has many years of experience in living, facilitating and teaching NVC throughout Israel and with Palestinian and international peace organizations. She is an organizational and educational consultant, and works as a life coach, mediator and conflict transformation facilitator. She is also the editor and host of the radio show: “On Wolves and Giraffes – Peace Is Not Only Politics” at All-For-Peace Palestinian-Israeli Radio. She practices meditation and is active with groups to .promote inner peace and peace in the world.

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Hagit Lifshitz


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